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Gaggling Guinea's

“Gaggling Guinea’s” 100cm x 76cm

Magpies painting for sale

“Magpies” size 40 cm x 50cm – SOLD


“zebra finches on blue background” 100cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas painting – SOLD


“zebra finches” on branches in the outback with orange background 76cm x 76cm – SOLD


“Maggie” acrylic on canvas painting size 80cm x 80cm – SOLD


Birds – SOLD


“Here I am” (single Magpie) size 50cm x 60cm. Acrylic on linen canvas – SOLD

magpie - did someone say bread

“Did someone say bread” size 90cm x 45cm. Acrylic on canvas painting – SOLD

Magpie painting for sale

“Maggie” SOLD

Galahs drinking

“Galahs drinking” SOLD