August 2015 - Kylie van Tol

Two's company painting

“Two’s company” $480 size 90cm x 45cm – SOLD

"Brunswick Street Melbourne" painting

“Brunswick Street Melbourne” $650 size 100cm x 100cm – SOLD

Taking a break paintings for $550

“Taking a break” $550 size 75cm x 75cm – SOLD

Serena paintings for $580

“Serena” $580 size 100cm x 75cm – SOLD

Waiting In The Wings paintings for $480

“Waiting in the wings” $480 size 75cm x 75cm SOLD

Magpies paintings for $350

“Magpies” $350 size 120cm x 45cm – SOLD

Mrs curious

“Mrs curious” $150 size 50cm x 60cm – SOLD

The golden age bourke street

“The golden age bourke street” $650 size 100cm x 100cm Sold